Nordic Pelagic Producers one step Closer to Producing High-Quality Mackerel Fillets

Recently, Nordic Innovation published an article on how Nordic pelagic producers are one step closer to producing high-quality mackerel fillets. This article is of particular interest to Matís as it relates to a project that Guðmundur Stefánsson at Matís is leading.

Project leader, Gudmundur Stefansson from the Icelandic research institute, Matís, admits that he was “concerned about how the collaboration between the competitors would go, as he feels there has been some hostility between actors in the mackerel industry”.

It turned out it was not a problem. There was a genuine interest from the industry to learn from each other. Knowing that there would be differences between the actors, we even had open-site visits for knowledge sharing,” Stefansson says.

Original text:

The Nordic region represents 41% of the global catch of the Atlantic mackerel. It is sold block-frozen, either whole or as a headless and gutted fish, not like the salmon or trout fillets found in the counters. While further processing of mackerel may be financially feasible, a Nordic project have experienced that filleting reduces the quality of the meat.

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