Innovation in Food Production, Biotech and Food Safety

Industry Solutions and Services

We focus on value creation within the bioeconomy and the development of policy and infrastructure in the food business.

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Research, Innovation and Value Creation

Over the next 10 years, food production will be transformed as the world population will face greater challenges.

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Knowledge Transfer

We focus on the transfer of knowledge and know-how from the academia to the industry.

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Our Projects

Most of our research projects aim to provide enough nutritious and safe food for our growing population, developing new and more environmentally friendly energy sources, and tackling global warming which can have major disruptive effects on land and the oceans.

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News and Events

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Value Creation in the Fishing Industry

Did you know that only about 5% of the world’s food is coming from the oceans? In order to ensure a safe food supply, food manufacturers need to look into the waste potentials of the world oceans. If we focus on the ocean, providing supply of food with strong emphasis on sustainability, it is quite possible to ensure a safe food supply into the future. This is possible with a strong emphasis on research and innovation; improved handling, chilling, hygiene  and more. It has been said that you cannot make a valuable and good product from a poor quality raw material – this is absolutely true for seafood!

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