Nordic Countries Lead from the front with new Bioeconomy Action Plan

The Nordic countries have launched an ambitious plan to fast-track the development of a sustainable bioeconomy in the region, according to news on The Nordic Bioeconomy Programme describes 15 action points that push for a boost in research and innovation, policies to accelerate the transition, and stronger collaboration to develop new bio-based products and new markets.

This will fuel growth in innovative bio-based businesses and pave the way for improved use of biological resources, including new value chains from crop residues, industrial sidestreams and wastes. The Nordic countries are already well underway in exploring the potentials of new bio-based products and more resource-efficient utilisation of biological resources. The Nordic Bioeconomy Programme – 15 Action Points for Sustainable Change is the latest in a series of groundbreaking documents on developing a sustainable bioeconomy published by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

“This is a blueprint of how we advance the bioeconomy,” says Hörður G. Kristinsson, Chief Science and Innovation Officer at Matís and chair of the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel, which formulated the action plan. “Each of the Nordic countries has their own ambitions for the bioeconomy, which are based on their different resources. The goal here is to bring them together to pick up the pace, build and harvest synergies and advance innovation in all sectors of the bioeconomy.”