Partners: Lund University, University of Stuttgart, Bielefeld University, University of Bergen, Durham University, University of Gdańsk, Blaise Pascal University, Prokazyme, Bio-Prodict BV, SARomics, A&A Biotechnology, ArticZymes, Pasteur Institute, Max-Plank Institute

Research Fund: H2020

Started: 2016


Guðmundur Óli Hreggviðsson

Strategic Researcher

The Virus-X project will study the genome of viruses that infect bacteria, but they contain a large number of genes with unknown roles. Samples will be taken from hot springs, viruses will be classified from cells and their genetic material will be sequenced and defined. Attempts will be made to determine their role using bioinformatics and crystal science methods, as well as rapid functional screening tests. Viral enzymes will be produced by genetic engineering and the potential uses of molecular biology will be explored.