Partners: CETMAR, University of Iceland, INRA-ALISS, Kontali, MEMU, NHA Trang University, NOFIMA, Syntesa, TTZ-Bremerhaven, University of Aalborg, University of Parma, University of Pavia, University of Savoie, University of Stirling, University of Tromso

Research Fund: Horizon 2020

Started: 2015


Guðmundur Stefánsson

Group Leader

Developing innovative market orientated prediction toolbox to strengthen the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European seafood on local and global markets.

The overall objective of PrimeFish is to enhance the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European fisheries and aquaculture sectors. The project will study and analyse the European seafood market in general and five specific seafood supply-chains in particular; cod, herring, trout, seabass, seabream, salmon and pangasius.

The lead users, typically fishing associations, aquaculture and seafood producers, will be able to use the project’s outcome to improve their understanding on the functioning of markets and in setting strategic plans for future production and innovation. Take a look at the outcomes from the project here.

PrimeFish will have significant input from industry and industry organisations that form an “Industry Reference Group” (IRG) to the consortium which will facilitate access to data both on micro and macro level in the five sectors chosen. The IRG will provide insight into production, profitability and supply chain relationships on micro level and they will also provide requirements for – and act as pilot users of – the prediction and simulation tools developed in PrimeFish.

The overarching goal is to identify shortcomings of the seafood market, discuss ideas on how to improve the competitiveness and the economic performance,  exploring how the stakeholders can participate and learn of PrimeFish. 

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