Matís’ Employee Aboard the Research Vessel Bjarni Sæmundsson

Pauline Bergsten from Matís recently stayed for two weeks on board the research vessel Bjarni Sæmundsson from Icelandic Marine Research Institute (MRI).

Pauline spent her time taking part in the marine sampling campaign 2016 all around Iceland, on board the vessel, an oceanographic cruise, with the MRI. She was a part of a scientific team, each member specialized in a specific field such as plankton and phytoplankton, sea chemistry and ocean acoustic. Sampling and measurements were made at precise locations, almost all of them remaining the same over the years following the same itinerary and sampling plan. A special sampling device called CTD rosette allows sampling from the surface all the way to the ocean floor. The crew stopped at more than 90 stations during the trip. Pauline’s job was to collecting sea samples for microbial and metagenomics studies. For that, she made some treatments such as fixation with gluraraldehyde, conservation with glycerol or filtration with sterivex filters. Samples will be used to count bacterial numbers by flow cytometry, analyzing the species composition and abundance by DNA sequencing and cultivating representative strains from this environment.

For beautiful pictures that Pauline took during her stay onboard Bjarni Sæmundsson, please visit Matís’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.