Interesting Research on Mackerel from Icelandic Waters

In recent months Matís, in cooperation with some of the major companies within the Icelandic fishing sector, have been doing an extensive research on mackerel that has been caught within Icelandic fishing grounds.

This collaborative research has centered around the physical and chemical properties of mackerel. The research has been used to look into the catching of the fish, time of season, handling, processing, freezing technique, storage and transportation, just to name a few.

Please click on the individual journal articles: International Journal of Food Science and TechnologyJournal of Food Composition and AnalysisLWT – Food Science and Technology

Participants in the project were Síldarvinnslan, HB Grandi, Ísfélagið in the Westman Islands, Skinney Þinganes, Samherji. Other companies involved in this process were Brim, HG Hnífsdalur, Eskja, VSV, IceThor, Skaginn, Frost and IceCan.

Participants in the project would like to thank AVS for the support of these mackerel research.

For further information, please contact dr. Magnea Guðrún Karlsdóttir at Matís.