How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected your Consumer Habits?

As part of a Nordic-Baltic study, led by the Latvian Institute BIOR, Matís is running an onlne surveyon changes regarding Icelanders food consumption during the pandemic. The purpose of the research study is to better understand the changes on our approach to food and our consumption habits during the state of emergency.

By collecting data and comparing them, the study will get insight on the challenges encounter by the consumer and its concerns towards food safety, food availability and accessibility and also towards the food supply chain.

The data collected are anonymous and will be compare to previous surveys made in Iceland and with our neighbours in the Nordic-Baltic region. Trends and pattern will emerge and could be compared to decisions and actions made during the pandemic by countries and by food industries.

The pandemic affected everyone of us on different level, it impacted our diet, our health, our moral and our financial situation. Understanding all of these aspect, make us better prepared in the future if it has to emerge again.

Help us in this research study, take the survey here. It takes only 15min of your time!

Analysis and conclusion from the study will be shared on our website once published.