Future Fish

A very interesting project is now ongoing at Matís. The focus of the project is to develop new innovative Icelandic seafood formulations and products using a new revolutionary 3D printing food technology. The project aims at leading to high value creations from both byproducts and primary products of seafood which will also advance Icelandic seafoods and Icelandic seafood innovation.

3D food printing is one of the top emerging technologies in the food industry and currently is virtually non-existent in Iceland and presents an untapped opportunity globally. With new emerging technologies, the seafood industry needs to stay on top of the latest developments. Iceland has one of the most innovative and productive seafood industry in the world (Íslandsbanki Seafood Market Report, 2014) and it’s important that it stays on top of the latest developments with emerging technologies so it keeps its place as a frontrunner in seafood innovation.

The 3D food printing technology is quickly gaining traction in restaurants and kitchens in other parts of the world, and will be as common as a microwave in kitchens, restaurants and cantinas in the very near future. Implementing the technology of 3D food printing creates a truly significant opportunity for Icelandic seafood and seafood products and will also highlight and promote how innovative our industry is in Iceland.

Being leaders in many areas of seafood harvesting and production, this project will ensure Iceland will be a leader in this technology when it comes to seafood products.

The project receives funding from the Icelandic Research fund, Rannís.