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Oddur Már Gunnarsson


Matís is a leading research and development organisation focused on servicing the food and biotechnology sectors

Matís is a government owned, non-profit, independent research company, founded in 2007 following the merger of three former public research institutes. We pursue research and development aligned to the food and biotechnology industries as well as providing Iceland’s leading analytical testing service for public and private authorities.

For years, Matís has been considered a valuable partner in multiple, miscellaneous projects and taken part in successful cooperation with our partners around the world. Our success would not be possible without our firm belief in integrity.

We have played a leading role in large international projects such as FarFish (Horizon2020), EcoFishMan (FP7), Whitefishmall (Nordic Innovation), Amylomics (FP7), MareFrame (FP7), SAF21 (Horizon2020), Arctic Bioeconomy (NMR) and PrimeFish (Horizon2020) and we have an ongoing fruitful cooperation with many of the largest food and ingredient companies in the world such as Pepsi Co., Nestlé and Roquette.

Value creation within the bioeconomy and the development of policy and infrastructure in areas in need of understanding and training in the food production is one of our expertise. We have participated in numerous developmental programs with governments and developmental aid funds alike. Such projects include working with Tanzanian government improving fisheries in Lake Tanganyika, courses and consultation for the Kenyan government on quality issues for fish, the treatment of the catch, fish processing methods and packaging. And, last but not least, Matís’ participation in the United Nation University Fisheries Training Programme (UNU-FTP) where Matís has handled the specialist training in Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing part of the program.

Matís‘ vision is to increase the value of food processing and food production, through research, development, dissemination of knowledge and consultancy, as well as to ensure the safety and quality of food and feed products.

Matís employs around 100 staff in offices, laboratories or Food Innovation Centres located in cities or towns around Iceland. Our turnover in 2017 was around $14 million USD, of which approximately 28% comes from international cooperation.

Our employees include many of Iceland‘s most competent scientists in the fields of food technology, food research and testing, and biotechnology; food scientists, chemists, biologists, engineers and fisheries scientists. Several employees also hold associate positions within Iceland’s universities, while many Ph.D. students and M.Sc. students conduct their research at Matís in collaboration with the industry in Iceland and abroad.

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