ClimeFish on Euronews

From the sea trawlers in Sweden to innovative aquafarms in the Canary Islands — the changing climate is presenting the whole industry with new risks and opportunities. That makes it important for EU states to review their standards and guidelines protecting fish and supporting the industry.

“It’s up to us as human beings to do proper regulation of the stocks and to agree among each other — and then we will have a good fishery,” Michaela Aschan, the ClimeFish project coordinator, Professor in Fisheries Biology and Management, and at the UiT Arctic University of Norway claims in a detailed 4 minute long film which premiered on Euronews on 29 April. The whole clip can be seen here.

The film features local fishermen at Lake Garda in Northern Italy, in addition to Michaela Aschan (UiT), Mariola Norte (CETMAR) and Astrid Sturm (B-TU) from ClimeFish. It is translated into several languages and watched by thousands, either on television or online.

The latest ClimeFish newsletter came out last week and is available here.