A Microsatellite Baseline for Genetic Stock Identification of European Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L.)

A new article was published recently in the ICES Journal of Marine Science. The article covers the research done on the development of generic baseline covering the North Atlantic salmon.

A special note was given in memory of our Kristinn Ólafsson, Matís’ emplyoee, who died last spring.

We dedicate this paper to the memory of our co-author Kristinn Ólafsson who died 22 March 2017, aged 39. Kristinn’s contribution to the paper was seminal and crucial, both in leading the technical development of the screening protocols for the SALSEA panel of microsatellites, and in the generation of the Icelandic component of the baseline. He is sorely missed by us, his colleagues, and friends, and his passing is a loss to the European fisheries science community. Though only in the early stages of his career, his contribution to European fisheries science was already highly significant, and well beyond just the SALSEA-MERGE project.

About the research

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) populations from different river origins mix in the North Atlantic during the marine life stage. To facilitatemarine stock identification, we developed a genetic baseline covering the European component of the species’ range excluding the Baltic Sea,from the Russian River Megra in the north-east, the Icelandic Ellidaar in the west, and the Spanish Ulla in the south, spanning 3737 km Northto South and 2717 km East to West. The baseline encompasses data for 14 microsatellites for 26 822 individual fish from 13 countries, 282 rivers,and 467 sampling sites.

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