Where are all the Fish?

Where are all the fish? | Computer tool illustrates future scenarios for different species and ecosystems EU FP7 project MareFrame aims to improve the sustainability of international fisheries.

A computer tool now provides fishermen with a visual description of what is happening to fishing and the ecosystem in the ocean, depending on the species and volume they are fishing. Researchers from Tromsø have helped create this through the large-scale MareFrame EU project, a project lead by dr. Anna Kristin Danielsdottir at Matís.

Fishermen, fishermen’s organizations, industry and government can play “different” scenarios, and the tool can then calculate and visualize what will happen to the species in the ecosystem.

The tool makes its calculations both from historical development to present and possible development for stocks and species in the future.

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Video: MareFrame, Dr. Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir (Coordinator)