We are Looking for three PH.D. Candidates!

Matís and the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute of Iceland are looking for three PhD candidates to work on a research project on Microbes in the Icelandic Marine Environment (MIME), funded by the Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís).

The topics of the three PhD projects are:

  1. Microbial diversity in Icelandic marine waters under specific emphasis of autotrophic organisms. The candidates will be based at Matís.
  2. Metagenomics and –transcriptomics of microbes in Icelandic marine waters to better understand physiologicalresponse to changing environmental conditions. The candidate will be based at Matís.
  3. The role of phytoplankton and pico-eukaryotes in context of the microbial diversity and distribution, and their role in biogeochemical cycling. The candidate will be based at the Marine Research Institute.

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