Risk Assessment

Matís is the designated National Laboratory for food safety analysis. We operate the most advanced laboratory in Iceland for chemical and microbiological analyses. We provide chemical and microbiological analytical services for the national regulatory authorities, private companies and to the public.

Our research include pertinent assessments of the risks associated with foods e.g. heavy metals, pesticide residues or microbes. We have also participated in European research projects were we worked on the development of new approaches to carry out integrated benefit and risk analysis to assess food safety and health benefits e.g. the QALIBRA and the BEPRARIBEAN projects. The group also works with Icelandic authorities and public health institutes to increase public awareness regarding risks and benefits and overall health impacts of different foods to encourage informed decision making in relation to food and food production practices.

Current research within the group includes:

  • Developing innovative approaches for assessing and communicating the net health impacts of dietary choices e.g. the web-enabled QALIBRA software (www.qalibra.eu)
  • Participation in harmonising total diet study methods across Europe, focusing on:
    – Identifying the information total diet studies can provide for exposure and risk assessment
    – Estimating the level of exposure to contaminants through dietary intake, assessing food as it is consumed.

Our research brings together relevant expertise from within Matís and elsewhere in order to address relevant issues.