Genetic Research


Sæmundur Sveinsson

Group Leader

Applied genetic research in marine and terrestrial systems

We employ genetic techniques to research many aspects of marine and terrestrial systems including fisheries, aquaculture, agriculture and food processing. State of the art (next-generation) sequencing, high throughput SNP screening and traditional genetic methods are used to tackle diverse challenges emerging at local, regional and global scales. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting sound fisheries management and good aquaculture practice through the application of appropriate genetic knowledge.

Current research includes:

  • Determining population structure in wild marine species and its application in fisheries management
  • Development of molecular tools for traceability and authenticity testing
  • Investigating the effects of climate change on marine species through genomic signatures of adaptation and range shift
  • Metagenomic assessment of biodiversity in environmental and gut samples in order to understand feeding behaviour, prey preferences and their ecosystem impacts
  • Providing genetic support to the aquaculture, agriculture and animal breeding sectors through, for example, genetic screening, pedigree analysis, and marker assisted selection breeding programs

We often work in partnership with other organisations as diverse as our research. We have formed close links with universities and research institutes around the world, local industry and the veterinary, agricultural and breeding communities.

In addition, private and commercial customers can access our expertise directly for genotyping services and consultancy, including parentage and pedigree analysis, breeding programs, species identification and mislabelling and gene identification.