Research Capability


Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir

Deputy CEO / Director of Research & Innovation

Matís is a science and knowhow community based on strong infrastructure and collaboration, with the aim to maximize impact of investment in research and innovation. Members of our team have worked with the fishing industry all over the world for decades and in the last decade or so, increased focus has been applied to research on agri-food.

Matís is not a large company in an international context. Despite our size, we have made a measureable impact. Companies, governments, universities and other stakeholders in Vietnam, Tanzania, Spain, Germany, Faroe Islands, Norway and many other countries, give us their highest recommendation. For a small company like ours, it is important to make an impact with the skills we have and leave those things we do not know about, to others.

Our specalization relates to areas such as biotechnology, enzyme isolation, processing technology, traceability, genetic analysis, chemical and microbiological testing, physical and chemical properties of food, quality and safety of aquatic and marine catches, feed technology for aquaculture and environmental research.

We believe we have the most competent and enthusiastic scientists, who work at top-notch facilities. A key aspect of our operation is our ability to engage in applied research with the goal of increasing the value of food production while ensuring and promoting food safety, quality and sustainability of products.

By working together with our stakeholders for our stakeholders, we are able to:

  • Maintain the competitiveness of the food industry and products
  • Enhance public health through research and dissemination of knowledge
  • Provide risk assessment regarding safety of food and feed
  • Promote sustainable utilization of resources through research, innovation and consultancy

A few of our projects