Jón Haukur Arnarson

Group Leader

Improved Utilisation of Infrastructure and Knowledge

Multiple goals for strengthening Matís’ operations even further have been set in recent years — where improved infrastructure, keeping our equipment and facilities up-to-date and state of the art, as well as encourage increased utilization of the infrastructure, cutting across all internal work, is one of our main emphasis. Through this emphasis, opportunities open up for more tailored services for customers in the food industry, at governmental level, within companies and institutions and amongst researchers, just to name a few.

Throughout the years, Matís has built up knowledge and equipment infrastructure through research. It is important to us to offer our infrastructure to other stakeholders engaging in research, academia to name just one.  By doing so, our knowledge is better utilized. As researchers’ cooperation increases, there is better utilization of equipment and funding. Researchers have certainly cooperated for many years. However, with our fluid and dynamic organizational chart and operations, we are confident that Matís will keep on contributing to the strengthening of cooperation in the research community here in Iceland and abroad.

In the coming years, Matís’ research and services will put emphasis on the bioeconomy and its future opportunities. Like all things in our world, research changes and evolves over time. Today, research projects are more interdisciplinary and more integrated than before and more consideration goes into the overall context of research projects. This precisely entails one of Matís’ strengths in diversity of knowledge as well as knowledge of very focus research.