Research and Innovation


Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir

Deputy CEO / Director of Research & Innovation

Over the next 10 years, food production will be transformed. The world population will face even greater challenges in the field of sustainable value creation, food safety, climate change and nutrition in general. In part, these challenges will be met with revolutions in automation, the sale of food products on the World Wide Web, and information technology and biotechnology.

The emphasis must switch to public health – nutrition and exercise – to mitigate or even avoid expensive treatments of poor health. Otherwise, there is a risk that changed social structure and fewer taxpayers, will not be able to pay for the healthcare systems in its current form.

Integrity as capital

Science strengthens all achievements. It is built on integrity. It demands that we face facts and build our understanding of the world on observations, not opinions.

If we are to use opinions for making decisions, we must check whether they have a foundation. These times of rapid change in technology and social structure, truly put this to the test.

Matís’ values are integrity, ambition, creativity and initiative. With these values as guidelines, over the last 10 years, Matís’ employees have built up ample capital in the form of infrastructure, processes and skills. Today, we are a strong science and knowhow community, possessing research infrastructure that promotes sustainable value creation and improves food safety and public health. In the next 10 years, we want to further influence these areas for the Icelandic State and our other customers, in Iceland and abroad — investors, companies, institutions, associations and individuals.