Product Development


Guðmundur Stefánsson

Group Leader

Whether you are trying to turn a new idea into reality or scaling up production to meet growing demand, we have the facilities and expertise to make it happen.

We have the expertise at Matís to assist you at any stage of the production process; whether you are looking for help developing a new product, guidance on certification or advice on how to scale up production without compromising taste or quality.

If necessary, we can work with you through the entire process: from an idea‘s conception to full scale production and marketing.

Know your customers

Well directed customer research can be crucial for informed decision making. Our research will help you to maximize your product’s potential, which can often lead to new discoveries and new opportunities.

For example, we researched the Icelandic mentality towards seafood and it’s consumption. Being open to new things, the younger consumers agreed that they would be willing to increase their intake of fish products if there was a noticeable increase in the marketing of seafood within their local communities and restaurants. In succession, we learned that the frequency and variety of it’s consumption had risen over the last several years.

After the European legislation change in 2014 (2016 in Iceland), all food products require comprehensive nutritional labelling. Why wait? By teaming up with Matís, we’ll use our expertise in nutrition, testing and marketing to deliver an eye-catching product that is both accurate and legally recognized.

Improved Nutrition

Matís plays a part in improving the nutritional habits of the Icelandic population. We’re always looking for new ways to promote the consumption of seafood. For example, we co-created the popular Icelandic TV Show “Fagur Fiskur”, a series that showcases the many ways of catching, handling and preparing fish. The show was viewed by over 1/3 of the Icelandic population.

ÍSGEM Database

Accurate data is critical for food labelling. Matís provides food composition data on all food types for all national nutrition surveys. All nutritional analysis results are also collated by Matís into the ÍSGEM database. The ÍSGEM database now includes over 1300 foods from all food groups.

Matís is an associate member of EuroFIR Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif (EuroFIR-AISBL, which aims at development and exploitation of food composition data. The Icelandic ISGEM database is among the databases provided by the EuroFIR-AISBL, providing harmonised data that are compatible with important European databases.

Sensory evaluation – an essential aspect of quality control

Sensory analysis is a systematic assessment of the smell, taste, appearance and texture of food. In sensory analysis, the vision, smell, taste, hearing and touch are used to evaluate the quality of food. Fish processing, meat processing and the dairy industry have been most prominent users of sensory analysis in Iceland and sensory evaluation of fish has a rich tradition within the Icelandic fishing industry. The need for organized sensory evaluation when purchasing raw materials is growing both due to higher demands of buyers and not least due to increased numbers of food production companies that are adopting strict quality control measures. Organized methods of sensory evaluation of raw materials and products are an essential part of quality control in every food production setting.