Nutrient value of seafood – Labelling and provision of information – Supplement in English


Reykdal, Ólafur; Hauksdóttir, Svanhildur; Desnica, Natasa; Þorvaldsdóttir, Ingibjörg; Bergsson, Arnljótur Bjarki

Funded by:

Fisheries Iceland

The purpose was to provide data on the nutrient value of Icelandic seafood to make it possible to respond to increasing number of inquiries regarding this topic. Protein, fat, water, ash, minerals, phosphates, and fatty acids were analysed in 85 seafood samples. Samples were typical for the products from Icelandic seafood industries ready. Big samples were collected to reduce the effects of individual variation. Samples were fresh or frozen fillets of groundfish and additionally prawn, lobster and capelin (altogether 16 species). – This supplement includes the same data as the main report but tables have English explanations and a part of the main text has been translated to English. 

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