North Atlantic Coastal Fisheries

A team of stakeholders in the N-Atlantic coastal fisheries sector came together in 2014 to facilitate networking within this important sector. With support from NORA, AG-fisk and the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation they organised conferences and workshops with the aim to explore opportunities for cooperation and knowledge transfer.

This led to various collaborative initiatives and has already resulted in the publication of reports on the Nordic coastal sector(s), development of a mobile app to indicate to coastal fishermen how much ice is needed to properly chill and store their catches, publication of brochures in all of the Nordic languages on good on-board handling, publication of a video on the Nordic coastal sector and on-board handling, participation at various workshops and conferences relevant for Nordic coastal fisheries.

Additionally, a report on North-Atlantic Coastal fisheries has been published.

For additional information, please contact Jónas R. Viðarsson at Matís, Iceland. Visit Coastal Fisheries website for more.

Video: Coastal Fisheries – North Atlantic Ocean