New Nordic Food – Open Call for Projects

Nordic collaboration is important for Icelanders, the Nordic cuisine is one part of that collaboration that includes many possibilities. In March The Farmers Association of Iceland announced  Embla, the Nordic food award and encouraged Icelanders to send in nominations for the seven categories before April 17th. Two days later, or April 19, is the last day for submission of project ideas to an open-call regarding New Nordic Food. Project ideas can relate to food for children and young people, as well as international branding for Nordic food culture and its values.

New Nordic Food places considerable emphasis on network building, collaboration, and branding. In addition to mandatory application criteria that include a Nordic advantage, communication, and anchoring, priority is given to creativity and cross-sectoral co-operation.

Six Nordic agricultural organizations are launching the first pan-Nordic food prize, Embla. The prize will help to strengthen a shared Nordic culinary identity and culture and increase interest in Nordic food outside the region. Embla will be awarded every other year. The first awards ceremony will be hosted in Copenhagen by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council in August 2017. The awards ceremony in Copenhagen will take place in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark’s ‘Better Food for More People’ summit at Copenhagen Cooking. The prize – the first food prize to be awarded at a Nordic level – focuses on ingredients, food, production methods, and the professionals behind it all. The prize has been established to enable the Nordic countries to share their knowledge and experiences.

Nordic cuisine, food culture and the values on which they are based have become an international phenomenon. The rest of the world sees the Region as a single market. To continue this positive trend and attract even more visitors, the Nordic countries need to continue to work together and develop knowledge of how to brand Nordic food culture to the rest of the world.

The open call for project ideas has two categories. One category includes projects designed to promote the love of good food, skills, and knowledge about food, meals, and consumption, among children and young people in the Nordic Region. Another objective is to use food education and other ways of engaging children and young people to get them interested in the concept of Nordic food.

The other category includes project ideas on international branding for Nordic food culture should be designed to highlight and generate added value from Nordic values associated with food and drink as well as food culture, for example, purity, freshness, simplicity, ethics, sustainability and health, innovation and new areas of use for traditional Nordic foods. Successful applications are expected to improve Nordic contacts and cooperation and brand the Region.

Both Embla, the Nordic food award, and New Nordic Food Open Call are supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers