EIT Food


Partners: University of Warsaw, University of Helsinki, University of Cambrigde, University of Reading, Universita Degli Studi Di Torino, Queen’s University Belfast, Rikolto, Institute Imdea Food, EUFIC

Research Fund: EIT Food

Started: 2019


Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir

Project Manager

Matís takes part in increasing food engagement and knowledge of next generation consumers via the project WeValueFood

WeValueFood is a two-year project supported by EIT Food, which is a pan-European consortium that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation in the food sector.

The main aim of WeValueFood is to contribute to better health and support European food industry, by increasing food and food production knowledge and engagement among next generation consumers. 

In WeValueFood, Matis collaborates with the University of Iceland and 13 other universities and companies in Europe.  #WeValueFood engages with students from primary, secondary and tertiary education all over Europe, as well as parents, educators, and representatives from the European agri-food industry. By educating and engaging young Europeans and further their knowledge of and appreciation of food, the project will empower the next generations to make the best choices about the food that they eat. Novel approaches are being used to engage with next generation, from students from primary school to university.

Following a pan-European inventory of current tools and resources; novel engagement and education approaches (e.g. gamification, txokos, food interest groups/collectives, “twinning”, science meets food are used. In that way, the intention is to produce our future food champions who will communicate food values through digital media platform(s) of their choosing. 

WeValueFood is supported by a pan European network of high profile food companies and stakeholders with the intention of transforming the surroundings of food production, processing and consumption by connecting consumers to industry, entrepreneurs, scientists and consumers all over Europe. EIT Food supports new, sustainable and economical solutions with the aim of improving consumer health and to ensure access to safe and quality food, with   minimum impact on the environment.