Framleiðnisjóður landbúnaðarins

Seaweed as a feed ingredient for dairy cows – safety and quality of milk

Partners: Tilraunabúið að Stóra-Ármóti, University of Reading

Research Fund: Framleiðnisjóður landbúnaðarins

Started: 2020


Ásta Heiðrún E. Pétursdóttir

Project Manager

The goal of the project is threefold; firstly, to increase dairy production of cows and to examine the quality and chemical content of cow’s milk after addition of seaweed to the diet of the cattle.

Secondly, to use seaweed as a mineral source in feed and thirdly, to obtain iodine-rich milk from cows.

The effect on dairy production is investigated before and after seaweed supplementation is studied as well as the chemical composition of the milk produced.