Partners: ECN, Danish Technological Indstitute (DTI), Energy Transition - TNO, Wageningen University, Avantium, SAMS, Sioen Industries, Environmental Resources Management Limited (ERM), Aarhus University, Fermentation Experts

Research Fund: H2020

Started: 2016


Guðmundur Óli Hreggviðsson

Strategic Researcher

The project Macrofuels aimed to develop fuels from seaweed: butanol, ethanol, furanic and biogas (methane).

It covered all aspects of the production chain: the cultivation of seaweed of different species, harvesting technology, pre-processing as well as the development of chemical and biological transformations of seaweed sugars into fuel molecules.

Participants were universities, research institutes and companies from Iceland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Scotland, Belgium and Germany.

Matís developed enzymes and microorganisms to break down this biomass and use it to make fuel.