EIT Food

Future Kitchen

Partners: IMDEA, EUFIC, University of Cambridge, Döhler, NaturalMachines, Flatev, Agrilution, Eskesso

Research Fund: EIT Food


Justine Vanhalst

Project Manager

The aim of this project is to develop new innovative Icelandic seafood products using a new revolutionary 3D printing food technology.

The project will specifically lead to the following products: a) Formulations and processes for 3D printing food products made from seafood raw materials and ingredients, b) Ready to use 3D food printing cartridges containing seafood raw materials and ingredients, c) Innovative seafood creations and products produced from the formulations and processes, d) A 3D food printing app, e) Workshops and coures on 3D seafood printing. 

Future Kitchen Video Series – Project Information (PDF)