For many years Vestmannaeyjar (e. Westman Islands) has been one of the most important fishery locations in Iceland, mostly due to its accessibility to many of the country’s best fishing grounds. The most important professions in Vestmannaeyjar are related to fisheries and fish production, as the island’s environment does not suit other fields within the food industry, such as agriculture.

Matís’ operations in Vestmannaeyjar involve working with fish production and fishing companies on fully utilizing their catch and maximizing its value. Projects on utilizing new produce are being conducted; one project, for example, deals with the catching and producing of mackerel. Matís’ one employee in Vestmannaeyjar has also worked with food production companies on developing new produce.

Matís’ operations on the island are located in the Vestmannaeyjar knowledge center.


Strandvegur 50
900 Vestmannaeyjar
Phone: +354 422 5000