Matís aquaculture research station : MARS

Matís runs a top-of-the line aquaculture research station in Reykjavík, which is called MARS (Matís Aquaculture Research Station).

In MARS we have facilities and expertise to produce aquaculture feed and to test it in one of our three aquaculture systems. These systems consist of two RAS systems (Recirculation Aquaculture System) and one flow-through system.

  • RAS 1 consists of 36 tanks that each take about 200 liters of water/seawater.
  • RAS 2 consists of 24 tanks that each take about 800 liters of water/seawater.
  • The flow-through system consists of 48 tanks that each take about 20 liters of water.

In MARS we develop and produce feed, some of which is produced from new-novel proteins. We then run growth- and/or digestibility trials to test the different characteristics of the feed.

There is also great demand from international feed- and aquaculture producers to use our facilities and expertise, as they contract Matís to produce feed from raw materials they provide, and test them in our aquaculture systems. We work with different species and sizes of fish in MARS, including Atlantic salmon, tilapia, arctic char, rainbow trout, whiteleg shrimp and oysters.

There are only a handful of research stations that can offer the same kind of facilities and expertise as we can, when it comes to feed development and aquaculture trials. In addition there are many links with different departments of Matís that make us quite unique when it comes to “offering a wholistic package” for the aquaculture industry and research community e.g. chemical analysis, microbiology, sensory analysis, product development, processing, packaging, logistics, traceability etc.    

There is a great demand for our services in MARS and we are optimistic about a bright future for Aquaculture.