Matís – A Major Role in Numerous International Research Projects

Throughout the years Matís has played an important role within the fishing industries.  The same can be said to a certain extend about agriculture, as Matís’ food innovation centers play a part in small-scale food production around Iceland, as many of the entrepreneurs in the local food production have either worked with Matís or rented out space in Matís‘ food innovation centers.

Matís’ role in research and innovation within the fishing industries continues to grow as research, development and innovative thinking is strong within this area.  Companies and individuals in the seafood business are doing well in utilizing all catch, throwing away as little as possible, and at the same time getting the best prizes for everything they put on the market by offering only the best raw material and products from the clean oceans around Iceland.

However, there are fewer who know about Matís’ success in global research and innovation. In this area, Matís has demonstrated the ability and talent to be a valuable partner in research projects and in many cases Matís is coordinating or partially managing large international research projects, especially projects that have revolved around fish and fishing. Examples of such projects include: EcoFishManMareFrameDiscardLess, and PrimeFish.

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