Matís locations in Iceland

From the beginning it has been Matís’ emphasis to be in good contact with the people and businesses in Iceland. Currently, Matís has four branches, including the HQ in Reykjavik, that are spread all across Iceland and make important connections to the local operations and individuals that are the driving force in each town.

At each branch, we focus on the needs of the individual and local businesses, which reflects our ability to be multi-functional and work in a broad range of settings. For example, Matís has done extensive work within the local fishing industries in Isafjordur and Vestmannaeyjar, two of the largest fishing areas here in Iceland.

With the work performed by Matís, the company is highlighting the genuine interest to work with local people, the people who are the foundation of rural Iceland, towards stronger economy, increased innovation and increased employment. Matís will, in the years to come, increase it’s emphasis on the work and cooperation in the small town and rural Iceland.

Matís Locations