Genome Sequencing, Metagenomics and Bioinformatics

Matís is a leading company in sequence-based discovery and screening of natural microbial diversity from extreme environments. Its proprietary methods enable rapid and very cost-effective discovery and development. The combination of proprietary ecological enrichment methods, high-throughput sequencing facility and bioinformatics tools allow access to over 90% of rare and uncultivated microorganisms that cannot be exploited with conventional methods.

Matís possesses an Flx+ sequencing instrument providing sequence reads of length 500-800 bp. The instrument is especially suitable for sequencing smaller genomes, metagenomes and amplicons. Matís has a long experience in running this instrument in various projects including sequencing of bacterial and fungal genomes, pan-genomic analysis of extremophilic species and genera, metagenomes, amplicons and sequence captured DNA.

Furthermore, Matís has developed a strong bioinformatic platform for analyzing genomes and metagenomes.

Matís provides high FLX+ through-put sequencing service for:

  • Genomes
  • Metagenomes
  • Sequence captured DNA
  • Amplicons, e.g. 16S rRNA genes for community genomic studies