Jón Árnason

Project Manager

Key to feeding future generations?

The foundation we build our consulting business on is our strong international research and development background. We provide consultation worldwide to institutes, policy makers and companies in the food industry, especially in the marine sector, which is our stronghold.

Sustainable use of the world’s limited resources is the base for all actions

These challenges need to be met without compromise in food safety, food quality or nutritional content. Additionally, new resources need to be discovered and utilized in a sustainable way. It is quite possible that aquaculture can play an important role in feeding future generations.

Number of projects related to aquaculture have been carried out within Matís. The activities of Matís in the Westfjords have played a key role in Matís’ cooperation with fish farmers, as the Westfjords saw the most evolving and rapid development in Iceland. Likewise, Matís has been in a successful partnership with Holar University, but the school runs an aquaculture line in its facility in Saudarkrokur.

Furthermore, Matís has been involved in numerous international projects in the aquaculture field, but a large proportion these projects have been around feed and how to reduce the cost of feeding. The feed component is a very important factor in the cost of aquaculture companies.