Guðjón Þorkelsson

Strategic Researcher

The composition of agricultural products is the key

Matís has contributed to Icelandic agriculture with expertise, research and innovation projects that have led to the production of premium foodstuffs that have been marketed. In addition, Matís has promoted agricultural innovation with Food Innovation Centers located in key locations throughout the country, often temporarily, which give entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their products in certified kitchens, well-equipped with appliances, thus laying the foundation for improvement utilization of extracted raw materials from the local area promoting innovation and improved utilization of limited resources.

Icelandic agriculture has proved important to Icelanders, although its importance has diminished in the historical context in recent years and decades. Innovation in the production of agricultural products has been considerable, but it is still possible to improve.

Innovation in agriculture was a part of the project Designer and Farmers

The project “Designers and Farmers” was a collaboration between the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Matís, and the farms Erpstadir, Longumýri, Hali í Sudursveit and Modrudalur in the mountains, supported by Rannís Technology Development Fund, Production Fund Auroru Agricultural and Design Fund.

In the project, hosted by the Art Academy, product designers and farmers collided with the goal of developing high-quality food products.

The increased number of tourists creates an opportunity for Icelandic agricultural production. Icelandic raw material is considered pristine. A good reputation, where integrity is a guiding principle in all production and marketing, where scientific information are properly used to point out key features of Icelandic foodstuffs, is the foundation of all value creation. Today, consumers do not only want foods that taste good, contain quality ingredients, and are produced in a sustainable manner, with respect for nature, but they also want the food to have a positive effect on physical fitness and health, effects that have been conrimed by the results scientific research.