Increased Value Creation is Built on Knowledge

Icelanders owe a great deal to value creation in all parts of the business community. The opportunities are especially obvious in the fishery industry and food production, industries building on circumstances that are in many ways unique in the world.

We have bounteous resources in the ocean surrounding the country; great land expanses can likewise lay the foundation for increased agricultural production, to take but two examples. We must also closely monitor nature and conserve its purity. It is so important to us both at sea and on land, and it will become still more precious each year because of sought-after food in the world. We must foster all of this, while at the same time stimulating innovation in production and being progressive, daring and imaginative.

The key to this future vision is knowledge. Knowledge about what we have done because we are doing best in production and innovation, and where we want to go. Knowledge of where the opportunities lie, and how they will best be utilized. This is the exact essence of Matís’ operations and mission. Build-up of knowledge that is utilized for development of the business community.

In recent years Matís has played a key role in many development projects in food production in Iceland, and the number of the company’s projects steadily increases abroad. Since Matís was founded in 2007, all aspects of it have expanded. It has built up its human resources and thereby its foundation of knowledge, developed processes and expanded its equipment. It has grown stronger with every challenge.

The advent of the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for food safety in the past year is still another confirmation of this and underscores Matís’ competitiveness among institutions and laboratories worldwide.

Good results are also a challenge to do even better. Matís’ Board of Directors and management share this goal with the company’s dynamic group of employees. Constant efforts are made to connect ambitious employees together, integrate infrastructure and increase operational flexibility. This is how we prepare for the future, which is really exciting. In addition to opportunities in food production, we know from experience that they are nearly inexhaustible in the bioeconomy, and Matís will continue playing a key role in its build-up in Iceland and the world.

Our foundation is reliable human resources, and we aim to increase collaboration with companies, investors and the university environment. With continuing ambition the future is bright. Matís is a good company that can become excellent if its resources are correctly handled.

Friðrik Friðriksson, Matís’ Chairman of the board.