Impact of Matís R&D on aquaculture feed

The aquaculture unit at Matís takes part in variety of research and innovation initiatives, including experimenting with alternative protein sources and functional additives in fish feed. Matís is equipped with a research aquaculture station, chemical-, microbial-, genetic-, texture-, and spectroscopy laboratories, as well as sensory analysis experts which makes Matís uniquely competent as a partner in development of aquaculture feed.

Many of the largest feed producers in the world are among Matís’ customers in this field, as there are relatively few parties in the world that can offer growth and digestibility experiments, measurements of the effect of feed on the chemical and physical properties of the fish, and sensory evaluation. One of Matís’ customers in this field is the Austrian company Agrana, which produces a wide range of food and feed. Among the products they are currently developing is Betaine, which is mostly made from sugar beets, and it is claimed to have positive effects on the growth and quality of animals, including in aquaculture. Agrana has now obtained a patent for the active ingredient ActiBeet® and this winter it contracted Matís to run trials with ActiBeet® as ingredient in feed for white-legged shrimp (warm-water shrimp). The results of the experiment were positive and now Agrana is in the process of disseminating the results among feed and aquaculture producers around the world. This establishes how Matís’ research has an impact around the world and contributes to increasing value for partners, and improving food security, food safety and public health for society as a whole.

Further information can be found on Agrana’s website and there you can register for the online presentation that will take place at Arana on May 19th.