First FlowCam in Iceland

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) recently acquired the first FlowCam (Fluid Imaging Technologies) in Iceland which will be used in the Microbes in the Icelandic Marine Environment (MIME) project; a collaboration between Matís and the MFRI. In this project, the FlowCam analysis will form a substantial part of Mia Cerfonteyn’s PhD, titled ‘The distribution, diversity and abundance of phytoplankton in Icelandic marine waters in context of environmental change’.

Matís and MFRI study the Icelandic marine environment using automated microalgal analysis

The FlowCam takes photos of phytoplankton cells within a stream of water as it passes in front of an objective and camera at high speed (up to 22 frames/sec). The associated software creates a collage of phytoplankton images which can later be classified into genera and species using image recognition. In essence, this instrument can analyze in minutes what would usually take hours with traditional microscopy and is becoming an established method for monitoring phytoplankton at marine research institutes worldwide.