Final Conference of NordBio | The Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers

NordBio is a three-year program under the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers, initiated in 2014 and is now about to finish. On that occasion, a conference was held last week in Harpa in Reykjavík, called “Minding the future”.

Very exciting lectures took place at the conference and are all available on Youtube. Various projects under the Nordbio programs were on display during the conference; BiophiliaErmondInnovation in the Nordic BioeconomyMarina and Woodbio. Local food producers from Greenland, Faroe Islands and Iceland offered taste of their food production, initiated by the three year program.
The Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2014 aimed to utilize the enormous potential in building on the bioeconomy in the Nordic Region. NordBio is a program uniting a broad spectrum of sectors in this effort.

Objectives of NordBio

  • Develop and improve methods of sustainable production and utilization of products in order to stimulate innovation and economy, and to reduce strain on the environment in the Nordic countries.
  • Strengthen knowledge that is beneficial in policy-making in economic and environmental affairs by increasing collaboration in research, development, and innovation.
  • Strengthen innovation in energy efficiency, food safety and public health, and facilitate Nordic production in markets to meet the growing need for food as world population increases.
  • Report the achievements of projects in the field of education for sustainable development.
  • Make research and academic work in the fields of sustainable production and utilization more attractive to future generations.
  • Bring together science, technology, education and culture at various school levels, in institutions and the economy.
  • Offer a joint Nordic venue and platform for cooperation, collaboration and exchange of views across ages and fields of expertise.

It is safe to say that the NordBio conference was a great success and quite large number of people who attended the conference and had a taste of food from different production areas in the Nordic region.