Did you know it’s our 10-Year Anniversary?

On the first weekday of every year, Matís’ annual report is published. This time around we look back at the existence of our company, from January 1st, 2007, when three public agencies and one private company merge into Matís.

Matis´past and current purpose is about impact; not to do research with results that are not used, but to do our research with and for the industry and other stakeholders. We ensure that money put into science is well spent and our partners, investors and others have an appropriate return on their investment.

In our annual report for 2016, which is also a look back at Matís’ ten years in existence, we will tell you about our and our partners’ success stories.

The year 2017 looks good for Matís. New projects are coming and new partners are teaming up with us for excellent science and building-up of knowhow for the greater good within times of technological disruptions. The World Seafood Congress (WSC) will be held in September and Matís, along with the owners and sponsors of WSC, will make sure the congress will be an exceptional event.

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