Consistent Innovation Delivers Higher Value in the Blue Bioeconomy

Sustainable management of fisheries and innovative fish processing techniques laid the foundations for the emerging and constantly evolving Nordic blue bioeconomy, according to news on

The countries have led the way in utilising as much of the catch as possible, and innovation across the region is now ensuring that, instead of being thrown away, marine biomass is being converted into high-value products such as medical products, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and textiles.

Sustainable resource management is key

“Developing a strong and global blue bioeconomy is extremely important,” says Árni Mathiesen, Assistant Director General of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department and former Minister of Fisheries in Iceland. “Fish consumption has increased significantly around the world, and we’ve demonstrated that it’s possible to manage sustainable and profitable fisheries.”

Picture: Shutterstock | Id. 111107980