Centre for New Ingredients

Iceland and the world are facing major technological and demographic changes and challenges that our current and future food production system needs to be ready for. Solutions to address health and food scarcity are significant challenges we are currently facing.

Matís has extensive expertise, equipment, and specialized tools to develop processes to extract and isolate natural bioactive and functional ingredients from a range of different land or sea based raw materials. Matís has developed and produced innovative natural ingredients from Icelandic seaweeds, agricultural products or seafood processing by-products, as an example. Matís, furthermore has extensive expertise in research and product development related to creating innovative products containing these ingredients.

One example of an innovative tool that can be used for this purpose is our 3D food printer, which can be used to prototype new food products quickly and create any food share possible within minutes. We look forward to working with you to bring your ingredient innovations or products to the next innovative level to reach the consumers of today and tomorrow.