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Can Seaweed Reduce Methane Emissions from Cattle?

Matís, University of Hohenheim, University of Reading and ABP Food, are partners in the project SeaCH4NGE, funded by EIT Food. SeaCH4NGE’s aim is to find an easily accessible seaweed species that can reduce methane emission from cattle.

Research in Australia has shown that certain seaweed species can significantly reduce methane production from cattle. SeaCH4NGE will investigate in the laboratory a range of European seaweed species both with regard to their chemical composition and their methane reducing potential. The most promising seaweeds are then chosen for further studies with live cattle who will be fed seaweed and the methane emissions measured.

Check out the new video prepared by SeaCH4NGE about the project and why this is important:

SeaCH4NGE – Seaweed supplementation to mitigate methane (CH4) emissions by cattle.