Building Partnership Between Universities and Industry

Matís is in collaboration with the University of Iceland, as well with other Icelandic and foreign universities, in order to ensure good partnership between industry and the academic community. The company is working on development and innovation in the food industry, biotechnology and food safety.

“Within Matís are very diverse operations. We have many specialties that work in the food industry and biotechnology. There is a strong link between industry and the academic environment, ” says Hordur G. Kristinsson, Chief Science Officer at Matís.

The University of Iceland offers masters and doctoral programs in Food Science. The programs are a collaboration between Matís and the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. The master program offers three programs; Production management, Quality management and Biotechnology line. The doctoral program includes scientific and technical research, which leads to new knowledge and innovation. In the doctoral program a great emphasis is placed on researches and the publication in international journals.

Practical learning is important and it includes cooperation with organizations and institutions in food production. In Iceland the opportunities are great in food production, as we can see in demand and job opportunities after graduation.

On the website of the University of Iceland is stated that the program is practical and useful for those who have completed undergraduate studies in Food Science or other studies such as Chemistry, Biology and Engineering. All those who are interested in a leading role in the food- and biotechnology industry, in management, innovation or research, should benefit from this programs.