Arion Bank is the Main Sponsor of World Seafood Congress 2017

Arion Bank and Matis recently signed an agreement that the bank will be the main sponsor of the World Seafood Congress 2017 (WSC2017). The conference will be in Iceland in September next year. This is the first time the event will take place in one of the Nordic countries. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) established the World Seafood Congress, which will next go on in Vietnam.

“WSC is one of the biggest discussion forums in the world in the field of value creation in the fisheries industry and food safety. It attracts people from all parts of the seafood catch value chain. Employees of fishing vessel owners and fish processing, investors and people from the institutional and educational environments from all over the world attend the conference, not least from developing countries. We are truly honoured to get the opportunity to hold this conference, and we are really pleased that Arion Bank, with its strong fisheries team, is joining us,” said Sveinn Margeirsson, CEO of Matis. He said this at the signing. It took place in Matis’ headquarters in the presence of close to 100 of the company’s employees.

“It is particularly gratifying for Arion Bank to participate in and support the World Seafood Congress in collaboration with Matis. The bank has been substantially increasing its services for the fisheries industry. It now finances companies throughout the industry’s entire value chain—fishing, processing and sales and marketing, in addition to fish farming and various innovation projects. The bank is involved in financing most of the biggest fisheries companies in Iceland. In recent years, it has supported open discussion and education in the field of fisheries with conferences, symposia and various other activities. Undertaking the main sponsorship of WSC is therefore a logical continuation of the development of the bank’s involvement in services to the fisheries industry,” said Gudmundur S. Ragnarsson, Director of Fisheries at Arion Bank.